HCN Fenrir
Vehicle statistics
Owner IceBite
Navy Ship Class (if Applicable) Custom Battlecruiser
Navy Ship Type Battlecruiser
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Weapons *4 35 cm Cannons
  • 10 VLS (3 Anti-Ship, 4 Anti-sub, 3 Anti-Air)
  • 8 CIWS Machine Guns
Special modifications Enhanced Engines, Atomic Boiler Class Cs, Stealth Cloaking Device
Status operational

The Fenrir is IceBite's personal naval Flagship, and moves faster than any other naval ship out there. The ship is primarily used to transport IceBite between Kaven Island and other port citys/bases. The Fenrir later was equiped with an on-board Stealth Cloaking Device, invented by Tory, May, and Romulans. As with most Stealth Cloaking Devices, the Fenrir's produces a cloud-like anomoly, this one in the form of a fog bank.


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