HCN Bombarder
Vehicle statistics
Owner Hellcat Squadran Navy
Navy Ship Class (if Applicable) Custom Heavy Battleship
Navy Ship Type Heavy Battleship
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Weapons *6 35 cm Cannons
  • 15 VLS (5 Anti-Ship, 5 Anti-sub, 5 Anti-Air)
  • 12 CIWS Machine Guns
Special modifications Enhanced Engines, Atomic Boiler Class Cs, Stealth Cloaking Device, Siorc Wave Gun
Status operational

One of Hellcat Squadran's most lethal Navy Ships, the HCN Bombarder is equipped with a Wave Gun, a powerful Engine-Powered Energy Cannon that set the groundwork for the HCS Forerunner Emancipator's, and later the HCS Galactica's, Wave Motion Guns. No air, land or surface target can with stand a sustained assault from the beam for more than a few seconds. The best known defense against it is to just avoid it.

Shadow WarEdit

During the Shadow War, Tory improved the Focusing Array and Charge Capacitors of the Bombarder's Wave Gun, creating the Siorc Wave Gun.


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