Gustovine 'Shalgoee
Gustivine Shalgoee
Gustovine 'Shalgoee
Vital statistics
Title Covenant Loyalist Reaver Admiral, Leader of the Anti-Hellcat Armada (Formerly)
Callsign Zeeron
Gender male
Race Sangheili
Physical Age 58
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Faction Hellcat Squadran, Anti-Hellcat Armada (Formerly), Covenant Loyalists (Formerly), Triple Alliance (Formerly)
Tools Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle,Type-51 Carbine, Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword, Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer, Type-25 Carbine, Elite Personal Shield Generator, Power Drain, Regenerator, Bubble Shield, Deployable Cover
Vehicles Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle
Status Alive

"YOU DEFEAT ME! ALL BY YOURSELF!!!!! You are nothing. I shall defeat you, WITHIN THE BLINK OF AN EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


At one time Gustonvine or "Gus" as Derek Sanders nick named him was an ally and after meeting at an aid station near the remains of London he was a wild card among his own, and when things died down he went rouge and began to hunt for Tartorus on his own taking a few ships with him. The two were good friends and when Beta squadron was pinned down on Mars he rushed to save his friend. By the time he made it to Mars the battle was over and a desivive win for hellcat squadron. After meeting his old friend for a drink he joined up with Hellcat squadron; however his thought was that Derek was the leader of Hellcat squadron. When he found out this wasn't true he was automatically displeased and even tried to talk his friend into performing a coup de ta. When Sanders refused he gathered his ranks and defected to anyside in need of his help. At first he only had a few ships but with a quick tounge he managed to manipultate any and all captains in the Brute ranks.

Shadow WarEdit

After the Treklan War, Gustovine began to feel some minor regret for betraying his friend, but still hates IceBite's leadership over Hellcat Squadran. So, he serves as a private contact for Derek, but he still is a member of the higher echialons of the Shadow Alliance.

Resurrectal WarEdit

By the Resurrectal War, his Intel Ops gain much info on each Hellcat Squadran Member's Personality. Having finally known IceBite's caring nature, his guilt for leaving reaches its climax: he deserts the Shadow Alliance and goes to seek IceBite's and Derek's forgiveness.

Consortium WarEdit

Using his contacts still within the Shadow Alliance, Gustovine became an important source of Zann Consortium troop movements within the Shadow Alliance's region of space.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

He is one of the highest ranking swords men in Elite history and has several son and two daughters. The only people whom outclass him are the Arbiter and Gutak 'Killing Frenzy' 'Cyandenee. He is a keen leader and enjoys a hard fight. Among his own kind he has earned immunity for all his crimes. He is an incrediable sharpshooter for an elite. He has never lied to his friends and even offers his own blade to them as a gesture of his honesty and even as a traitor he has rarely lied to those in his past unless it pertains to battle information and vital secrets.

As a Covenant Reaver, or an augmented, animal-like Elite (Gustivune retained his intelligence and personality), he has enhanced strength, endurance, and agility.


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