Gor'Kek prior to his encounter with Sarge
Vital statistics
Callsign {{{call}}}
Gender Male
Race Jiralhanae
Physical Age
Alignment Neutral Evil
Faction Covenant Loyalists
Tools Gravity Hammer, Fuel Rod Cannon
Status Desceased

Gor'Kek was thought loyal to Kane, but was one of Tartorus's most loyal generals. He joined Tartorus's uprising, pointing out important leaders that Kane implanted who were and were not loyal to Tartorus, as to make sure all loyal followers of Tartorus weren't slayed.


Treklan WarEdit

Shadow WarEdit


During the Final Battle of the Shadow War, Gor'Kek was on his way to aid Tartorus against IceBite, but was hindered by the Red and Blue Teams. Sarge took on Gor'Kek in single combat, during which he hooked something to Gor'Kek's armor when the latter had him at the throat. Grif and Simmons then sent Gor'Kek tumbling off a cliff, the item Sarge hooked being the towcable from a nearby Warthog. Gor'Kek was pulled over the cliff (almost taking Grif with him), but many knew that it would take more than that to stop Gor'Kek.

Resurrectal WarEdit

When Tartorus was killed, Gor'Kek was on the run until he fused with Tartorus, becoming Surotrat.


Gor'Kek as 'Surotrat', Shadow Energy flowing from every open area in his armor

During the final battle of the War, Gor'Kek, and the being Surotrat, was killed by IceBite when he mortally wounded May, sending IceBite into a frenzy.

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