Goliath Concept
Goliath, the Energy Guardian
Vital statistics
Title The Energy Guardian
Gender male
Race Unknown, Cyborg
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency
Tools Energy Saber, Celestial Cutlass, Star Sword, Fusion Blade, Glimmertoil
Abilities Cyber Genesis, 'Delta' Powers
Status Alive

"Stay behind me!" - Goliath, to Lightning and Serah at Scaldron, when the Darkspore Captain DLS-1227, the Impenterable Destructor appeared.

Goliath was a cyborg created by a Crogenitor named Suzu on the planet Infinity. He was teamed up with Vex, and Char on Cryos when they were met by the Coalition, as well as Blitz, Meditron, Maldri, Orion, Viper, and Skar.


Like Orion, he's a big-time hero where he comes from. If someone's in danger, you can always expect Goliath to come running to help.

Goliath Delta

Goliath's Delta Mode

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