Also known as 'Yahweh', 'The Trinity', or 'The Creator', this is the main diety of the religion Christianity.

In the Hellcat Squadran Universe, there are quite a few Christians. Most Christians, if not all, live in the borders of the Coalition, originally the only one of the Galactic Factions that allow the freedom to practice the religion (prior to the arrival of the Army of Light and Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance). Sure enough, many Coalition faction leaders, such as Terrence Hood and Leinad Llechtim, are themselves Christians.

It is, officially, unknown whether God does in fact exist. However, many steadfast Christians maintain that God is a real entity that watches over the universe. Although skeptics claim that he cannot exist, otherwise the galaxy's problems wouldn't happen, the believers maintain that he's why the universe hadn't completely fallen apart during the primary Time Lapse incident, and why that the conflicts the skeptics use as as evidence he doesn't exist never actually END the universe.

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