Giarc Evargrah
Skyrim screenshots malkoran s shade by vincent is mine-d5b6rez
Giarc as a Shade, unveiled
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Changes
  • Hume (Initially)
  • Shade (Later)
Physical Age
Alignment Neutral Evil
Abilities Stealing the powers of those he kills, Mist Powers, standard Shade abilities
Status Deceased

Giarc Evargrah is an alternate version of Craig Hargrave, a Nirnian Mage of Ivalician Descent, and a dangerous criminal, sometimes described as a parallel of Kcaz Nosdrugis, since both Giarc and Kcaz were villainous duplicates of beings from this universe who gain powers through killing those with powers.

Giarc was killed by Anastasia Renner, but, almost half a century later, came back to try to kill Anastasia and her family, but was destroyed by Arin Acadal, daughter of one of Giarc's victims and Anastasia's sister-in-law (as well as a host to Giarc's DNA from the incident), with the aid of Craig Hargrave, who did the direct "destroying" using his Nethicite Staff, which he used to drain Giarc of the Mist Energy he used to sustain himself.


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