The Ghost Commandos are an elite special forces unit in the Phantom Legion. It was created a month after Task Force Omikron and are considered "The Legion's answer to Hellcat Squadran's new advanced warfighters."


The Ghost Commandos are an elite group made up of all types of ex-military units; UNSC Marines and ODSTs, GDI Zone Troopers, Phantom Legion clones, COG Gears, Dalamascan Royal Guards, Spetsnaz, GIGN, SAS, US Army Rangers, Marines, and Navy Seals. All the forces in the Ghosts were tired of the political 'red-tape' and wanted to fight without major restrictions. So, Ryan Ferran created the Ghost Commandos so that the 'red-tape' disappears. The Ghosts are given an objective and told to complete it.


The structure of the Ghosts is similar to that of the regular Phantom Legion in terms if rank. However, there aren't any platoons or battalions. The Ghost Commandos make up the 3rd Special Forces Brigade, 4,000 men and women strong. The soldiers are spread out into 1,000 squads, each containing four soldiers; a squad leader, a medic/tech expert, a sniper, and a demolitions expert. There are exceptions to this rule, however. A squad that has a member killed can choose to keep the squad partial for up to 6 months. The only other exception is Ghost Squad Saint, which consists of five members.

Famous SquadsEdit

Ghost Squad Saint


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