Geth Fighter
Procedure's geth fighter
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Attack Fighter
Length 23.5 meters
Width 6 meters
Height 19.9 meters
Crew Capacity 0 (Some modified for 1)
Power Systems Mass Effect Drive Core
Engines Geth Antiproton Thrusters
Weapons Various
  • Fighter-mounted Geth Spitfire
  • Geth Missile Launcher (1)
Class Status operational

The Geth Fighter is the primary starfighter of the Geth forces of the Republic of Rannoch. While primarily a fighter controlled by an onboard Geth AI, there are some versions that are meant to be piloted.

The Geth/Shard Jedi Vetoron possesses a pilotable Geth Fighter, as his personal "Jedi Starfighter".

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