Vital statistics
Title Former Leader of the Occuria
Gender Genderless
Race Occurian
Physical Age
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Faction Occuria
Tools N/A
Abilities Invisibility, Illusion, Production of Mist
Status Deceased

"Occuria have for'v'r g'verned Ivalice's hist'ry. We've always made sure that Ivalice 'nd its p'ple 'nd'red. Now, it's time f'r the p'ple of Ivalice t' g'vern th'r own D'st'ny, 'nd if I must p'r'sh for them to 'nd're, so be it."-Gerun before its death.

Gerun was leader of the Occuria 13 months before the Ivalice Rift Strom struck. Though formerly known as an oppresser, he became known as a hero when he died, having sacrificed himself to destroy the Covenant Glassing Force, giving the Dalmascans and Hellcat Squadran time to escape the doomed world.


Pre-HS UniverseEdit


So falls Gerun, Leader of the Undying. - Fran, witnessing Gerun's sacrifice.

During the Evacuation of Ivalice, Gerun appears to Ashe and IceBite and warned them of an alien fleet approaching, IceBite correctly deducing that it was a Covenant Glassing Force. At that point, IceBite called in a force of UH-60s, CH-47s, and Pelicans to evacuate Rabanastre. Gerun stayed behind. When the Glassing Force arrived he ascended into one of the Covenant Cruisers and turned himself into a sphere of Nethicite in the ship's core, which then exploded, destroying the whole fleet and giving the others time to escape.

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