Species statistics
Homeworld Geonosis
Species Status Active
Height 1.68m - 1.78m
Skin Color Dark orange to green
Distinctions Insectoid, hive-based
Equipment Battle Droids
Types Winged and wingless
Affiliation Coalition (By Choice/member of Rebel Alliance)), Shadow Alliance (By Enslavement/member of Galactic Empire)
Notable Individuals Sraggr Dellso
Other Names Various:
  • Geos (By Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire Forces)
  • Buggers (By Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire Forces, to the UNSC's annoyance)
  • Exos (By Hellcat Squadran Forces)


Johnson, get a few of those Exos up here to cover our flanks. - John-117, ordering Avery to bring up some Geonosians to help in a defensive operation.

Geonosians have proved effective in battle because of their superior maneuverability. Their ability to fly and ability to move quietly made them become the Coalition's counter for Nod Shadow Teams.


  • The UNSC and Hellcat Squadran call Geonosians 'Exos', refering to their exoskeleton, because the name 'Bugger', which was used by the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, was already used for the Yanme'e.

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