Gault Berkut
Gault Berkut
Gault with his Gythka
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Thri-Kreen
Physical Age 29
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Guardians of Justice, Order of Belkan Knights Sub-Faction
Tools 4 Long Swords, Gythka Pole-Arm, Chackta Throwing Weapons, Mandables, Claws
Abilities minor Paladin magic
Status Alive

"Let the victor be Justice." - Gault Berkut's almost worn-out catch-phrase.

Gault Berkut is a powerful and clever Thri-Kreen warrior and a long-time partner of Draconus Rex. Not much of his history during the Consortium War is known, but it is known that he was among those who went the whole war without dying.



Gault is calm, cold, collected, and determined. When he comes up with a plan, he stays with it to the bitter end. His main goal is to return to his home realm, Dark Sun, to defeat the King-Priest that expelled him and his former comrades, a group of Thri-Kreen that called themselves the Order of Belkan Knights, from their home.

Relations with other IndividualsEdit

Draconus RexEdit

Gault and Draconus have been partners for a long time and have gone on many adventures together. They are capable of coordinated combat efforts and can easilly team up to reach a common goal.

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