Galiana Matveev
Vital statistics
Title Harbinger of Cleansing, The Cloaked Wanderer, Knight of the Wind
Gender Female
Race Human (Ashadran)
Physical Age 30
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction None
Tools Staff, Twin Shortswords, Energy Blaster, Empowered Amulet
Abilities Energy Manipulation Powers, Aura Powers, Majic, Air, Sonics, and Life Elemental Powers, Insurmountable Will powerbacked by Psionics
Status Alive

A being who all the most powerful psychics find impossible to read, Galiana is extremely powerful. She is also theorized to be combined from Many trillions of versions of the same (or similar) beings, therefore making her as powerful as she is.


Galiana maintains a cold and distant personality. However, she seems to have an instinctual urge to aid others in need. This is because she (or one of the versions of her) was raised by a knight-like alien, who always taught her to help others in their time of need.

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