Galen Maynard
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 22
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Republic of Salleron - Raynor's Raiders
Tools C-10 rifle, Hostile Environment Suit, VC32 Sniper Rifle, Salleron Marksman Stealth Suit
Abilities Psionics
Vehicles CF/A-17S Stealth Wraith, Stealthed Quantradyne Dropship
Status Alive

Galen Maynard is a young Terran Ghost aligned with Raynor's Raiders, and the Republic of Salleron. He was one of the first Ghosts trained under the new means of Ghost training made by the Raiders, meant to be as effective, but much less morally-ambiguous, as the training for Terran Dominion Ghosts. As such, Galen retains the calm and brutal efficiency of the Ghosts of old, but retains a greater level of social capability.

His service, while impressive, was ultimately nothing to note, until the alliance that would culminate into the Republic Salleron, during the group's incursion into the Grineer's home system, Origin. He proved effective against enemy Corpus soldiers, able to shoot through the tiny visors on their large and thick helmets.

Due to this effectiveness mixed with his calm demeanor, Galen was assigned to serve as the partner (and, some believe, 'leash') of the crazed Tenno Operative Furora.


Galen is a calm and collected individual, capable of keeping his cool under pressure. In this way, he's much like the Ghosts in the Terran Dominion. However, unlike Terran Dominion Ghosts, Galen has more in the way of social skills, and is more than capable of interacting in social situations. He is also fairly kind, and seems able to calm a volatile situation or calm down someone who is exceedingly upset, with little effort.

He was assigned as Furora's partner due to this calm demeanor: Furora's constant swaps between depression, shyness, and rage make her a volatile individual, but Galen was determined to be someone who could easily help the Operative out. So far, he's proven successful, and is currently the only one able to fully calm Furora down when she's upset or angry.


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