Galactica-class Supership
Galactica Class
the HCS Galactica, the first and only Galactica Starship
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Supership
Length 3,474.8 km
Crew Capacity approximately 4 Million
Power Systems Quantum Reactor
Engines Temporal Fusion Drive
Weapons Wave Motion Guns
Class Status operational

The Galactica-class Supership, brainchild of Tory Lund, is the largest starship in existance. It is also the most dangerous vessel in the Coalition Arsenal: its 2 Wave Motion Guns can EACH destroy a star. Although the HCS Galactica was kept in service, the class itself was replaced by the much smaller Pegasus-class Carrierstar and Aurora-class Battlestar, designed by the combined efforts of Tory Lund and Hellcat Squadran's Phantom Legion

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