Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Space Superiority Fighter
Length 29.9 meters
Width 19.2 meters
Height 9.4 meters
Crew Capacity 1
Power Systems Mekhu-Sahr plasma powerplant
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various (Can be modified, default loadout displayed)
  • GTW-5a Prometheus R (Retrofit) (2)
  • GTW Mekhu HL-7 (2)
  • GTM-19 Harpoon Space Superiority Missiles
Class Status Active

The GVF Nhu, also known as the JOF Nhu or Vasudan Jedi Starfighter, is the primary Jedi Starfighter used by Vasudan Jedi in the Jedi Order. As with all Vasudan fighters, the Nhu's weapons are modular and its warhead launchers are compatible with a wide variety of warheads, but due to Incom's participation in the creation of the fighter, it's also compatible with New Republic weapon systems as well. This wide range of versatility has the Vasudan military planning future contracts with Incom.


After Force-Sensitive Vasudans began to appear in the GTVA, the Vasudan Sahr Corporation worked with Incom Corporation and the Jedi Order to produce the GVF Nhu, also known as the JOF Nhu. The Nhu proved to be a swift interceptor capable of taking excessive amounts of damage. However, its biggest asset is the fact that it retains the modular nature of other Vasudan starfighters, and this advantage is improved because of its compatibility with weapons systems used by Incom Fighters.

Compatible WeaponsEdit

While the standard loadout of the Nhu includes primary banks consisting of 2 GTW-5a Prometheus R Cannons and 2 GTW Mekhu HL-7, and 2 secondary banks loaded with GTM-19 Harpoon Space Superiority Missiles, the Nhu, like other GTVA fighters, can have its loadout modified, depending on mission parameters or pilot preference.

The following weapons are compatible with the Nhu:

Primary BanksEdit

  • GTW Mekhu HL-7
  • GTW Akheton SDG (Subsystem Disruption Gun)
  • GTW ML-70 Morning Star Tactical Weapon
  • GTW-5 Prometheus S (Standard) Cannon
  • GTW-5a Prometheus R (Retrofit) Cannon
  • GTW-19 Circe EMP Cannon
  • GTW-83 Lamprey Energy Drainer
  • KX5 laser cannon
  • SW-7a light ion cannon

Secondary BanksEdit

  • GTM MX-64 "Rockeye" Missile
  • GTM MX-6 Tempest Missile
  • GTM-19 Harpoon Space Superiority Missile
  • GTM-4 Hornet Swarming Missile
  • GTM-4a Tornado Swarming Missile
  • GTM-14 EM Pulse Adv. Warhead
  • MG7-A proton torpedo
  • GX-15 concussion missile
  • VL-61/79 proton bomb
  • Concussion Cluster missile
  • Proton rocket

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