GVCv Sobek
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function GTVA Corvette
Length 608 meters
Width 366 meters
Height 239 meters
Crew Capacity 2745
Power Systems Vasudan plasma powerplant
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various
  • Terran Turret (8)
  • Terran Huge Turret (3)
  • Standard Flak cannons (5)
  • AAAf Beams (4)
  • VSlash Beams (2)
Class Status Active

The GVCv Sobek is a Vasudan-designed corvette. Shortly after the destruction of Vasuda Prime by the Shivans during the Great War, plans were drawn up to construct a ship that could confront Shivan cruisers on its own, while still being able to provide support for Vasudan destroyers during a battle with Shivan capital ships. The initial design of such a ship would eventually be developed to create the Sobek.

The Sobek's main guns comprise of two Vasudan slashing beams that can do massive damage to ships equal to its size or smaller and, over extended periods of time, can even grind through the hull plating of Shivan destroyers such as the Ravana. Disabling these beams is a difficult task as they are heavily defended by the Sobek's own variety of anti-fighter weaponry and flak cannons, all of them evenly placed around the corvette and especially near the front, where the main guns are located. Three anti-fighter beams guard the stern of the corvette, reducing the chances of enemy fighters or bombers launching a successful flanking attack.

The Sobek's greatest weakness is its underside, which is virtually undefended.


Design of the corvette class GVCv Sobek began in the dark days after the destruction of Vasuda Prime by the Shivans in the Great War. The Vasudan navy wanted a vessel that could single-handedly counter powerful Shivan cruisers and provide critical support to Vasudan destroyers in battles against Shivan capital ships. The Sobek class fills those requirements admirably. Bristling with almost two dozen turrets, these corvettes are a terror to all vessels of cruiser size and below, while presenting a dire threat even to ships far larger than themselves.


The GVCv Sobek is equipped with the following weapons:

  • 8 Terran Turret
  • 3 Terran Huge Turret
  • 5 Standard Flak cannons
  • 4 AAAf Beams (aka Anti-Fighter Beams)
  • 2 VSlash Beams (aka Vasudan Slashing Beams)

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