This is the class of the GTVA's largest warship. You may be looking for the GTVA Colossus (Ship), the first ship of this class.

GTVA Colossus
The GTVA Colossus, a GTVA Colossus type ship
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function GTVA Juggernaut
Length 6.166 km
Width 1.292 km
Height 1.758 km
Crew Capacity 30000
Power Systems Vasudan plasma powerplant
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various
  • Terran Turret (8)
  • Terran Huge Turret (10)
  • Standard Flak cannons (12)
  • MX-52 swarming missiles (8)
  • GTM-10 Piranha (2)
  • AAAf beams (10)
  • TerSlash beams (7)
  • BGreen beams (6)
Class Status Active

The largest space-faring warship ever constructed by the Terrans or Vasudans, the GTVA Colossus was the result of twenty years of joint effort from dozens of contractors from across the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance. Logging in with a length of six kilometers, this behemoth was equipped with over eighty weapon turrets, in addition to over 240 combat spacecraft.

With the offensive power that exceeded most GTVA battle groups, the Colossus was designed to combat the Shivans upon their return to Allied territory. The prospective target was one or more Lucifer-class super-destroyers, and it was deemed that the Colossus would not only have the firepower not only to destroy such a foe, but also to survive multiple hits from a Lucifer's primary weapon system.

Although the Colossus was a joint endeavor of both the Terrans and Vasudans, it is apparent that the ship itself exhibits more Terran design traits than Vasudan. It can be assumed that some of the Vasudan elements manifest themselves in less immediately overt ways.

The GTVA Colossus, the first ship of the class, barely survived the Second Shivan Incursion, barely escaping the destruction of the Capella System. Currently, the next Colossus, the GTVA Talos, is under construction.


The GTVA Colossus resulted from an endeavor unprecedented in Terran or Vasudan history. This 6-kilometer-long behemoth is the result of 20 years of joint effort from dozens of contractors of both races. The Colossus is the most powerful space-faring warship ever made, bristling with over 80 weapon turrets. It also houses 60 fighter and bomber wings and requires a crew of over 30,000. The firepower of the Colossus is greater than that of most GTVA battle groups.


The GTVA Colossus is equipped with the following weapons:

  • 8 Terran Turret
  • 10 Terran Huge Turret
  • 12 Standard Flak cannons
  • 8 MX-52 swarming missiles
  • 2 GTM-10 Piranha
  • 10 AAAf beams (aka Anti-Fighter Beams)
  • 7 TerSlash beams (aka Terran Slashing Beams)
  • 6 BGreen beams (aka Big Green Beams)


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