GTF Pegasus
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Stealth Recon Fighter
Length 19 meters
Width 14 meters
Height 4 meters
Crew Capacity 1
Power Systems Fusion Core
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various (Can be modified, default loadout displayed)
  • GTW Subach HL-7 (2)
  • GTM-4 Hornet Swarming Missile
  • GTM-19 Harpoon Space Superiority Missile
Class Status Active

The GTF Pegasus is an Allied Terran-designed stealth fighter that made its first appearance during the Second Shivan Incursion. It was specifically designed for reconnaissance and stealth missions. To this effect, it has a high top speed and a small target profile, but pays for these with a very weak hull. It's statistically identical to its Vasudan equivalent, the GVF Ptah, but has a different target profile and visibility properties.


The Pegasus is used almost exclusively for reconnaissance missions. It's the fastest, most maneuverable ship in the Terran arsenal. The craft's contours and hull materials were carefully designed to minimize its profile to detection sensors. It is woefully armored and packs only minimal weaponry, making it a death box in a firefight. Pegasus pilots are a special breed of daredevils who pride themselves on getting into and out of situations that would be the death of other pilots, all without firing a shot.

Compatible WeaponsEdit

While the standard loadout of the Pegasus includes primary banks consisting of 2 Subach HL-7s, and 2 secondary banks loaded with Hornets and Harpoons respectively, the Pegasus, like other GTVA fighters, can have its loadout modified, depending on mission parameters or pilot preference.

The following weapons are compatible with the Pegasus:

Primary BanksEdit

  • GTW Subach HL-7
  • GTW Akheton SDG (Subsystem Disruption Gun)
  • GTW-5a Prometheus R (Retrofit) Cannon
  • GTW-5 Prometheus S (Standard) Cannon
  • GTW ML-70 Morning Star Tactical Weapon

Secondary BanksEdit

  • GTM MX-64 "Rockeye" Missile
  • GTM-14 EM Pulse Adv. Warhead
  • GTM MX-6 Tempest Missile
  • GTM-4 Hornet Swarming Missile
  • GTM-4a Tornado Swarming Missile
  • GTM-19 Harpoon Space Superiority Missile
  • GTM-55 Trebuchet Heavy Missile
  • GTI TAG-A Missile
  • GTI TAG-B Missile

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