GTF Myrmidon
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Advanced Space Superiority Fighter
Length 16 meters
Width 15 meters
Height 5 meters
Crew Capacity 1
Power Systems Fusion Core
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various (Can be modified, default loadout displayed)
  • GTW-5a Prometheus R Cannon (2)
  • GTW Subach HL-7 (4)
  • GTM MX-64 "Rockeye" Missile
  • GTM-4a Tornado Swarming Missile
  • GTM MX-6 Tempest Missile
Class Status Active

The GTF Myrmidon is officially the successor to the GTF Ulysses light fighter despite the fact that the Myrmidon is a middleweight space superiority fighter. This class of fighter was a preferred choice for pilots of all skill due to its balanced attributes.


RNI Systems' GTF Myrmidon replaces the Ulysses as the Alliance's primary space superiority fighter. The Myrmidon has received high marks for speed, maneuverability, armor, and loadout. An ultra-efficient hull configuration provides space for three secondary weapon systems, a first for Terran-Vasudan fighters. This versatility enables Myrmidon squadrons to fulfill a range of combat roles, from light assault to heavy reconnaissance. In the Deneb system, the 53rd Hammerheads of the GTD Aquitaine have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Myrmidon against NTF forces.

Compatible WeaponsEdit

While the standard loadout of the Myrmidon includes primary banks consisting of 2 GTW-5a Prometheus R Cannons and 4 GTW Subach HL-7s, and 3 secondary banks loaded with GTM MX-64 "Rockeye" Missiles, GTM-4a Tornado Swarming Missiles, and GTM MX-6 Tempest Missiles respectively, the Myrmidon, like other GTVA fighters, can have its loadout modified, depending on mission parameters or pilot preference.

The following weapons are compatible with the GTF Myrmidon:

Primary BanksEdit

  • GTW Subach HL-7
  • GTW Akheton SDG (Subsystem Disruption Gun)
  • GTW-5a Prometheus R (Retrofit) Cannon
  • GTW-5 Prometheus S (Standard) Cannon
  • GTW ML-70 Morning Star Tactical Weapon
  • GTW UD-8 Kayser Cannon

Secondary BanksEdit

  • GTM MX-64 "Rockeye" Missile
  • GTM MX-6 Tempest Missile
  • GTM-4 Hornet Swarming Missile
  • GTM-4a Tornado Swarming Missile
  • GTM-14 EM Pulse Adv. Warhead
  • GTM-43a Stiletto II SDM (Subsystem Disruption Missile)
  • GTM-55 Trebuchet Heavy Missile
  • GTM-11 Infyrno Manual-Detonation Antifighter Missile
  • GTM-13 Helios Antimatter Torpedo

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