GTD Orion
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function GTVA Destroyer
Length 2030 meters
Width 689 meters
Height 605 meters
Crew Capacity 10500
Power Systems Fusion Core
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various
  • Terran Huge Turret (4)
  • Terran Turret (3)
  • AAAf beams (3)
  • TerSlash (3)
  • BGreen (3)
Class Status Active

The GTD Orion was a standard Terran destroyer mainly used during the Terran-Vasudan War, and later in the Great War. Because of the massive size of this ship, it incited fear into civilians, and therefore the Galactic Terran Alliance (GTA) did not send its Orion destroyers outside war zones. It was said that "Where these ships wander, war is certain to follow."

After the development of beam weapons and the ushering-in of the Deimos-class corvette and Hecate-class destroyer into service, the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA) began to gradually replace all remaining Orion-class destroyers in service with these new ships.

During the NTF Rebellion, a number of Orion-class destroyers defected to the Neo-Terran Front. Many of these ships were ultimately destroyed.


For over 30 years, the GTD Orion class was the largest ship in the Terran-Vasudan armada. Over two kilometers in length, bristling with dozens of death-dealing turrets, the Orion is as awesome in repose as it is in battle. All GTVA Orions have been retrofitted with the latest anti-warship beam weapons, as well as flak and AAA turrets for dealing with fighters and bombers. The Orion's cavernous hangar bays easily accommodate more than two dozen fighter or bomber wings.


The GTD Orion is equipped with the following weapons:

  • 4 Terran Huge Turret
  • 3 Terran Turret
  • 3 AAAf beams (aka Anti-Fighter Beams)
  • 3 TerSlash (aka Terran Slashing Beams)
  • 3 BGreen (aka Big Green Beams)

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