GTD Hecate
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function GTVA Destroyer
Length 2174 meters
Width 1050 meters
Height 1050 meters
Crew Capacity 10000
Power Systems Fusion Core
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various
  • Terran Turret (5)
  • Terran Huge Turret (1)
  • Standard Flak cannons (6)
  • Long Range Flak cannons (2)
  • Heavy Flak cannons (2)
  • AAAf beams (6)
  • TerSlash (4)
  • BGreen (1)
Class Status Active

The GTD Hecate is an Allied Terran-designed destroyer, brought into service, prior to the arrival of the GTVA in this universe, to complement and ultimately replace the Orion line of destroyers. While the Hecate lacks the sheer anti-warship armaments of the Orion, it has a larger fighterbay and much better anti-fighter and bomber defenses. The Hecate's numerous engine subsystems also makes it harder to disable than an Orion.

One of the most famous Hecate-class destroyers was the GTD Aquitaine, flagship of the GTVA 3rd Fleet. The Aquitaine was the first Allied warship to enter the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis and played a major role during the NTF Rebellion as well as the Second Shivan Incursion.


The new GTD Hecate class of destroyers is replacing the Orion class as the flagship of Terran battle groups. More heavily armed than the Orion, the Hecate also carries over 150 combat spacecraft and a crew of 10,000. The GTD Aquitaine is a superb example of this new ship class, serving as the flagship of the Capella-based 3rd Fleet.


The GTD Hecate is equipped with the following weapons:

  • 5 Terran Turret
  • 1 Terran Huge Turret
  • 6 Standard Flak cannons
  • 2 Long Range Flak cannons
  • 2 Heavy Flak cannons
  • 6 AAAf beams (aka Anti-Fighter Beams)
  • 4 TerSlash (aka Terran Slashing Beams)
  • 1 BGreen (aka Big Green Beam)

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