Force Powers are abilities that are obtained by tapping into the Force. Mainly Jedi have these abilities, but other people have been known to have them. A major note is that, with the sole exception of Natalia Llehctim, if an individual were to obtain Ectoplasmic Powers, they would be TOTALLY unable to utilize the Force, as the 2 Powersets, being Polar Opposites, would cancel each other out.

Force PowersEdit


Unique (Light Side)Edit

Unique (Dark Side)Edit

'Dying' ForceEdit

While most Force users draw on the Living Force for their powers, there is a separate way to draw on powers. This is known as the 'Dying' Force. Drawing on this type of Force is extremely rare, but significantly more powerful than the Living Force. Some have described it as 'the Force on overdrive' or 'on steroids'. Mainly, the Dying Force has many of the same powers as the Living Force, but they are amped up many times and sometimes slightly visually different.

A person using the Dying Force can easily be identified. While using the Dying Force, a user's eyes change color to a specific color, different for each person. Also, a type of mist emits from their eyes, the same color as before. Finally, some instances have been seen where veins have been seen glowing or aura has surrounded some or all of the user's body. Likewise, these are also the same color.

The Dying Force, however, can not be accessed by everyone. The Dying Force can only be accessed by omeone who is already incredibly powerful and ingrained with the Force. However, they must also have experienced a great amount of death and turmoil in life. The Dying Force then feeds off of the user's anger and feelings of loss, fueling itself. Many describe this as similar to the Dark Side. While similar, it is not exactly the same.

The Dying Force was first discovered and used by Caden Ferran, shortly before the Oken War.

Known Force Power UsersEdit


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