"We will not be forgotten again!" - Fleet of the Forgotten's Motto

The Fleet of the Forgotten is a large Hellcat Squadran Fleet that was in service during the Consortium War and the conflicts that occured afterwards. It consists of starships of various Coalition and Non-Coalition Factions considered 'old' and 'obselete' by their creators. These 'forgotten' ships are where the Fleet gets its name.

The home of the Fleet of the Forgotten is a remote, but self-sustaining colony in a greatly-remote region of the galaxy. The fleet's exsistence is only known by a select few, and mention of it across comm channels is strictly forbidden. Therefore, the fleet's dock is still unknown to all but the upper echelons of Hellcat Squadran Command, and only a few Hellcat Squadran Allies (Specifically, Chancellor Martok and Queen Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca).

List of StarshipsEdit

21st Century IncarnationEdit

Late 22nd Century IncarnationEdit

This list is still under construction.

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