First Reaction
First Reaction
the upgraded First Reaction scanning a battlezone
Vehicle statistics
Owner Holly
Vehicle Classification Custom-Made AWACS/Fighter
Vehicle Type AWACS/Fighter
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Special Modifications Light Cannons (as in cannons that fire out concentrated (but not laser) Light), Light Missile Launchers (Uses Laser-Based Warheads), ECM, ESM, Long-Range Radar and Sensors, Deploys Genesis, Auto-Pilot
Status Operational

The First Reaction is Holly's primary Fighter for Zeta Wing. It was made during the Locust/Lambent War, and, after the war, was upgraded using Technomancy. It can also deploy the fighter Genesis, which, when it does, the cockpit detaches (as it's the Genesis) and the First Reaction goes on autopilot, until it's coupled back to the Genesis.

Holly's Jet

Rear View of the First Reaction

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