Feich Rapp
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Vampire Wereraven
Physical Age 22
Alignment Neutral Good (with Lawful and Chaotic tendencies)
Faction N/A (Mandalorian)
Tools Heavy Blaster Rifle
Abilities Torillian Magic, Vampire abilities, Wereraven Abilities, Multiple mutated abilities
Status Alive

Commonly called by common folk 'Mr. Mandalorian Wereraven Vampire', Feich Rapp is...basically that: a Mandalorian Wereraven that's also a Vampire. The son of Korbinian Rapp and Ainslie Verity, born literally the day the Ancient Reaper War was declared over, Feich Rapp was raised on Mandalore, where his parents moved when the war ended. Over time, Feich took to the Mandalorian traditions quite well, and became a strong warrior because of it.

Skilled in the art of combat, and possessing magic AND the powers of both Wereravens and Vampires, he has been called the Ultimate Warrior by his allies...and an Infernal Abomination by his enemies.


Feich is considered honorable by many, and that description wouldn't be far from the truth. He's also more than willing to protect those important to him. He listens to orders alright, unless it seems they'll lead to unneeded unfortunate consequences, and is likely to call his superiors out when they give orders that would at best be considered idiotic or suicidal (without reason).

When people try to talk down to him about him being a Vampire, he takes it in stride, sometimes cracking jokes at them (I outta drain you dry for that, but I bet you taste like O-...), and will do the same thing if talked down to due to being a Wereraven (Hey, better a Raven than a craven...). As such, he's seen as sarcastic a lot of the time, and actually uses that to allow him to turn away jabs at his species. However, what he will NOT tolerate is insults directed at his parents, and he does his best to make that known verbally (although some have pushed him to the point where it became a physical confrontation...took them 2 months to get out of the hospital).


Due to his unique nature, Feich possesses a very unique set of abilities. In addition to the abilities of both Vampires and Wereravens, he possesses abilities caused by mutations caused by his hybrid nature.

In his Wereraven, Raven, and Bat-Raven forms, Feich is able to fire metallic, razor-sharp feathers from his wings. These feathers can cause serious damage to even armored units.


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