Fallaf, Son of Zrez of the Frostlands
Fallaf (Unggoy)
Fallaf, as a Spec Ops Trooper, with only his side-arm
Vital statistics
Title Heavy Trooper, then Spec Ops Trooper, then Ultra Unggoy
Callsign Ungon
Gender male
Race Unggoy
Physical Age
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Covenant Separatists, Hellcat Squadran
Tools Type-25 Directed Plasma Rifle, Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol (Very Rarely), Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword, Type-25 Carbine, his 'F***ing Big Plasma Gun'
Vehicles Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle
Status Alive

"Walk quietly and carry a F***ing Big Gun, as I always say." - Fallaf

Fallaf is considered an oddity among Unggoy. Rather than running from a larger threat that other Grunts would run from, he would courageously take it on. His 2 closest friends in Hellcat Squadran are Tory Lund and the Kig-Yar 'Jackal'.


Treklan WarEdit

Shadow WarEdit

Resurrectal WarEdit

End of the Resurrectal WarEdit

"Let's make this fight one to be remembered through the ages. BROTHERS! LET US FIGHT TO THE END!" - Fallaf Ultra to a squad of Garro Valn Vezzo's 'Truthbringer' Unggoy, about to take on a Shadow Legion Army.

Ultra Grunt

Fallaf and a 'Truthbringer' prepare for what they believe to be their final battle.

During the Final Battle of the Resurrectal War, Fallaf and Jackal were among the Coalition troops taken to Ivalice. There, they fought alongside several Energy Sword-wielding Unggoy 'Truthbringers' taking on Surotrat's Shadow Legion in the Necrohol of Nabudis. He fought ferociously against the Shadow Legion, taking out 2 Watchers, 15 Controllers, and countless Warriors. However, he eventually began to believe he wouldn't make it out alive, when IceBite destroyed Surotrat, causing the Shadow Legion to perish. He, Jackal, and the 'Truthbringers' were given a commendation for their bravery.

Consortium WarEdit

Visarius IncidentEdit

Even a century after joining, Fallaf was still an active member of Hellcat Squadran. He and his long-time companion, Jackal, were the heads of a series of Cloak and Dagger Special Ops Team Missions that resulted in the discovery of the location of the Volfgang.


"Alright, let's get to it." - Fallaf to John-117

"Say hello to my little friend!" - Fallaf, pulling out the 'F***ing Big Plasma Gun'

Fallaf is more fearless and serious than other Unggoy. He can take a joke, but is usually not the one to start them. Also, he prefers to use larger-than normal weapons (anything an Unggoy wouldn't normally use). One of Fallaf's weapons is an Energy Rifle that ODST Grievous nicknames 'the F***ing Big Plasma Gun.'

Fallaf's F-ing Big Plasma Gun

Fallaf's 'F***ing Big Plasma Gun'

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