XCOM2 Faceless
Species statistics
Homeworld Unknown (Supposedly Destroyed)
Species Status Active
Height 10'
Weight 300 lbs
Skin Color Pink, Tan
Distinctions Gelatinous Body, Shapeshifting
Equipment N/A
Types N/A
Affiliation Various
Notable Individuals Various
Other Names

Faceless are shapeshifting aliens capable of imbibing genetic matter from any species, be it hair, skin cells, or even flesh, and use it to enable them to shapeshift into a member of that race. However, in combat, they typically prefer their natural form, due to its powerful claws and its gelatinous nature allowing it to shrug of physical damage more easily. That said, they can choose to retain their alien form, enabling them to use that race's weapons and armor (or weapons and armor that is compatible with that race). Unnaturally tall and consisting of a semi-solid gelatinous fluid in their natural state, these aliens have significant reach with their claws. The Faceless can move both faster and with more agility than may be expected from their size and lumbering gait.

When in their transformed form, Faceless possess all genetic abilities of the being their shapeshifted into, from being able to eat the same foods as the race to the ability to reproduce with members of said race (granted, if said race reproduces sexually). It should be noted that any child born from a Faceless/alien pairing will retain the Faceless' shapeshifting ability, although they will possess their other parent's racial form as their default (although they DO have the ability to transform into the form of a full-blooded Faceless). Any pairings between such hybrids could either result in a full-blooded member of their race (or, if the 2 hybrids were born from 2 different races, a hybrid of the 2 races), another Faceless/alien hybrid, or even a full-blooded Faceless.


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