Vital statistics
Programmed Gender Male
AI Type Geth
Activation Date Unknown
Faction N/A (Allied with Celeste Petri)
System Compatibility
Equipment M-76 Revenant, M-23 Katana
Additional Programming Tech Power
  • Proximity Mine
  • Hunter Mode
  • Fortification
  • Hardened Platform - Durability, Shield Recharge, Power Transfer
Status Active
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) Green Geth Prime

Eskator is a Geth, who went out on its own, until it discovered Celeste Petri being antagonized by criminals on a border world of the Coalition. He aided her in chasing off these villains, and the 2 teamed up.

Eskator serves as a back-up pilot for the Retaliator, as well as security for the vessel. He also serves as a gunner for the turret that sits above the craft's cockpit.

Eskator enjoys Dubstep music, supposedly "A little TOO much", according to Melia.

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