Errona is the name of the last plane to be destroyed before the Skulblaka made its way to the Earth Plane.


Erronans are a race of humanoids which are born in the form of a mist cloud, either white or black, with the mist shimmering as though it had a sparkling texture. Erronans reproduce by way of psychically linked thought between male and female. Newborns are able to choose the gender that they begin life with, and they can change genders and change back at any point in their lives. This allows same-gendered couples to have children without controversy arising. The Erronan equivalent to puberty was referred to as a "conjuring" in which new, unique powers arose in the children.


Erronan Culture is very separated, as there is no one ruler or government of the whole plane. Smaller groups organized themselves, and groups rarely grew into conflict, as a war between the mist people could result in the entire plane being engulfed and destroyed. The only cause for unification was when the Skulblaka attacked. The Erronans fought back harder than any other plane before, and lasted four thousand years against the monster before the plane was ultimately destroyed. Erronans did not use weaponry or tools, relying on natural bodily gifts to use in everyday life as well as combat.

Mist RolesEdit

Erronans, being mist people, had either white or black shimmering mist that they could transform into. Erronans with a black mist tended to be more combatively powerful, and were more suited for battle in terms of personality and strength and speed. Black mist Erronans tended to be far stronger and faster, though were plagued with personality quirks such as mood swings or losing one's temper at the dropping of a rock. Those with white mists were vastly more intelligent and kindhearted, but lacked some of the physical capabilities their brethren had. Different clans of Erronans used each mist for different purposes, depending on that clan's values.

Side PowersEdit

Erronans, during their conjurings, developed side powers that were unique to each individual (though some have been compared to powers from other planes). Recorded Powers have included:

  • Enhanced Calculative thinking.
  • Emotional Control over others.
  • Foresight.
  • Psychics.
  • Ability to immobilize others via mentally induced pain.
  • Ability to mentally remove senses of other individuals.
  • Ability to remove others' memories.
  • Numerous Others.

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