Erich Durkheim
Erich in combat gear
Vital statistics
Title Winter Soldier
Callsign STA-04
Gender Male
Race Human-Skulblakan Hybrid
Physical Age 28
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Coalition

Strike Team Absolutes

Tools Various
Abilities Skulblakan Ore Creation and Manipulation
Vehicles Numerous
Status Alive

Erich Durkheim, is a former SPARTAN of UNSC. He was enhanced during the first stages of the Ancient Reaper War, before him being a Hybrid was revealed. After a mission, one of his former fellow SPARTANs cut of his left arm, and left him for dead. Using his abilites to regrow an arm made of Skulblakan Ore, he continued to fight the Reapers without any form of allies. After the war, he continued to freelance, until he was found by and joined Strike Team Absolutes.

History Edit

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