The Temple of Aenarion on Enroyen
Vital statistics
Star, Position Obscura
Moon(s) None
Satellite(s) None
Gravity 1.2 G
Atmosphere Hydrogen/Oxygen/Nitrogen
Population One
Species Shisui Hollow
Technology Tier Unknown

Enroyen is a planet on the very fringes of the galaxy and the current residence of Shisui Hollow. The planet is described by many as a beautiful world, in which even the most chaotic person can calm and find their peace.

Temple of Aenarion:Edit

The Temple of Aenarion is the only structure on the planet. It was built, completely by hand, by no one but Shisui. The name of the temple comes from one of the greatest philosophers of the Mirror Plane, Aenarion. His ideas mark to this day, the fundamental views of the Mirror Plane beings on everything. Aenarion postulated the idea, that the Mirror Beings should not only rely on their Dark Amber and regular Amber powers, but follow in the foot steps of the Silent Lord, and become one with nature. While most people did not want to move from their incredibly powerful Amber powers a few utterly embraced Aenarion's teachings and eracted temples in his honour, in those temples they studied his texts and attempted to master his technqiues of Nature Manipulation.


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