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Operation 'Dawnbreaker'
Conflict: Post-Consortium War
Date: 9/3/2045
Place: Ryloth (Orbit and Ground)
Outcome: Coalition Success, IceBite rescued


Zann Consortium


May, Jean-Luc Picard, Chancellor Martok, Sela

Tyber Zann, Urai Fen



IKS Kahless, RES D'Deridex, USS Enterprise E, Stardrift Esper, Millenium Falcon, 5 EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates, 1 Phoenix Class Warship, 5 Stalwart Class Frigates, 2 Marathon Class Cruisers, 2 Imperial-II Class Star Destroyers, ICS Phoenix


2 SPMA-T, 5 Infantry Support Platform, 4 All Terrain Attack Pod, Sen Urec, Ryan Ferran, Claire Farron, Serah Farron, Snow Villers, Various Soldiers, 1 Canderous-class assault tank (Commandeered by May)


Merciless, 2 Aggressor Class Star Destroyers, 3 Keldabe Class Battleships, Countless Interceptor-4 Frigates and Crusader Gunships


5 MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannons, 4 Canderous-class assault tanks, Various Soldiers


Some Infantry

Light Space Loses, 1 Canderous Tank (Captured by Coalition Forces), Some Infantry

The Engagement on Ryloth took place in 2045, as a result of the Zann Consortium utilizing a new weapon which temporarilly paralyzes Ectoplasmically-powered individuals to capture IceBite and used the device to imprison him. The engagement, code-named Operation Dawnbreaker by Hellcat Squadran, was an attack organized by May to attempt to rescue him. The Operation ends up succeeding in that IceBite is rescued (although weakened by the device temporarilly) and the prison used to hold him being destroyed.

It'd later be discovered that it was Shadow Tartorus who supplied the Zann Consortium with the device.


"At least we finnally get some combat time. I don't even care that some kid organized it." - Ryan Ferran

Once the location of the Zann Consortium Capital was discovered, May organized the forces of the UNSC, Romulans, Klingons, Federation, and Hellcat Squadran (including the Phantom Legion) and led an attack force to Ryloth. They were met by staunch resistance, in the form of multiple Consortium Defense Structures and a fully-supplied fleet.


Coalition Ground Forces approaching Zann's Base

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