Enforcer Assault Walker
Elachi Walker
Aft of an Enforcer
Vehicle statistics
Vehicle Function Heavy Assault Walker
Length 10 meters
Width 8 meters
Height 50 meters
Crew Capacity 3
Engines Impulse Engines (when first deployed, propelled by 4 legs when on ground)
Weapons Various
  • Dual Polarized Tetryon Beam Banks (1 set)
  • Polarized Tetryon Turrets (5)
  • Crescent Wave Cannon (1)
Class Status operational

The Enforcer Assault Walker is the primary heavy assault walker of Omega Squad. Utilizing similar technology to their starships, an Enforcer can easily take on a pair of AT-AT walkers, and win hands down.

Enforcer Assault Walkers are designed after war machines discovered aboard Elachi Sheshar-class Dreadnoughts.


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