Emilia Sigurdson
Leandra with her Shotgun
Vital statistics
Callsign Boondock-4
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 19
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Desert EagleP99, Spas-12 Shotgun
Status Alive

Leandra Mersia is a clone of Leandra Sigurdson. She was created in an attempt to pit the original's talents against The Coalition, but she instead defected and joined Hellcat Squadran.


Leandra Mersia was cloned from the DNA of Leandra Jackson. Her orriginal name was Mersia, which she changed to her last name when she decided to take up the original's name. She rebelled after a month outside of the tank, having quickly learned about what her makers intended to do (sadly, she does not remember who they are) and left. She broke into a clothing store, re-attired herself and made her way to Kaven Base, where she applied for a job. Upon realizing who she was, IceBite sent her to live with the Ferran Clan to see how she would develop with them. When the original Leandra and her husband returned from the dead, they adopted her and she changed her name to Emilia when they discovered Leandra was pregnant.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Leandra is quite like the original, being competitive and violent in battle. She is very caring and fun around her friends. However, she is every bit as violent to people she doesn't like. Unlike the original, who was raped before, Leandra is very flirty, but not to the point of being a slut. In battle she prefers her shotgun and one P99 and one Desert Eagle.


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