Elizabeth Ilene was an intelligent United States Weapons Scientist. When she was young, she loved to learn, studying whenever she could. She then became a scientist in the US Military, helping develop powwerful weaponary for the United States. However, she herself was a pacifist and did not like fighting. She tried to make such power weapons in hopes that 'they would never be used.' She ended her career after marrying the Russian Archaeologist Vladmir Llehctim, and afterwards, gave birth to Adriana and Leinad Llehctim. However, about 10 years after marrying, she and her husband were killed by the Brute Tartorus in a shack they were hiding in in Alaska. Her son, however, was saved by a Covenant Special Operations Elite and her daughter was in Utah at the time.


Her willingness to learn lives on in her son, Leinad Llehctim, who eventually self-taught himself to a high level.

IceBite also keeps a holo-cube on his desk, which does contain an image of Elizabeth Ilene, in addition to Vladmir Llehctim, a 3 year old Adriana Llehctim, and a 4 month old Leinad Llehctim.

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