Eira Llehctim
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Human (Formerly), Maktaroid
Physical Age 21
Alignment Lawful Good
Tools Psi Volo II Pulse Rifle
Abilities Ice and Gravity Elemental Powers (Initially), Massive number of powers and abilities (Currently)
Vehicles Snow Hawk
Status Alive

Eira Llehctim is the third daughter, forth child, of Leinad Llehctim and Mey Vera-Llehctim, as well as the younger sister of Ariana Llehctim, Skylar Llehctim, and Sylas Llehctim. Eira is currently the only one of the Llehctim siblings to have inherited an Elemental Power from their parents: Ice.

When she was 5, she disappeared from Kaven Base, and somehow ended up on Hoth. During her childhood, she was cared for growing up by a Testificate named Hadlun, and they were joined, 2 years after Eira arrived, by the Geth Legion. She grew up believing her family abandoned her, and therefore grew spiteful of them for it. However, soon after being found, she discovered otherwise: the measures her parents took to find her, and the circumstances of the end of their search, and, over time, she grew to forgive them.

Her power, among the Llehctims, is unmatched: during the Battle of Hoth, soon after she was discovered, her "Dragon of Hoth" elemental form single-handedly destroyed an Enhanced Reaper Destroyer, using only debris on orbit and its own power.

In YEAR TO BE DECIDED, she discovered a mysterious stone, a spherical crystal, that, when she touched it, absorbed into her body. She soon discovered her powers' strength increasing expotentially, to the point where, a couple months later, her dragon form, now (from head to tail) double an Imperial V-class Star Destroyer's length, took out an entire fleet of Galactic Empire Star Destroyers, led by an Executor-class Star Dreadnought, before taking out an experimental Imperial Superweapon: a superlaser VASTLY superior to that used by the Death Stars. During the battle, this weapon was fired at Eira's Dragon form, but was caught in the dragon's hand, and countered (as in frozen) by an Ice Beam, which froze the ENTIRE formation, before being utterly shattered by a single Gravitic Burst. She then, using planetary fragments and dust, as well as debris from ships destroyed in the battle, to create a NEW PLANET to replace the one the superweapon destroyed earlier in the battle.

Future observation revealed her powers still growing in intensity.


Eira takes on many traits from her family: she has a noble and idealistic set of ideals like her father, but has the dedication and level-headedness of her mother. She's aggressive in combat like her sister Ariana, but is more laid-back when it comes to life in general, much like Skylar. Finally, like her brother Sylas, Eira has a certain strength of character that means that bribes don't work on her, and she'll fight back, rather than succumb to threats.


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