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Eagle owl

Eagle Owl is a twelve year old canadian ODST he is a member of Zeta wing.

Personality Edit

He is the quiet type, he fails to show his emotions miserably. Definately not sociable at all. He doesn't like Tory at all, and criticizes him whenever possible. One such event was criticizing Tory about liking Dawn, which lead to him being stuck in the Med-labs for a week.He said will get revenge on Tory. He can also be very defensive and gets mad easily. He isn't usually happy,(although you can't really tell most of the time)and Wolf sword is the only one who can make him laugh unless if he is laughing because of something to do with Tory getting hurt. Eagle Owl and Odst grievous talk to each other alot, and usually do the same missions.He also has a crush on Ark, but was conflicted between liking Safira and May, and went into a no-emotion state.He is very curious and always no's what is going on or is new.He also carries a secret nobody knows...

Secret TrainingEdit

Sometimes during the night when nobody is around Eagle Owl has a visitor.His name is Terarr and trains Eagle Owl with a

lightsaber.If there is one thing you should know ,is to never pick a lightsaber duel with Terarr because he is very skilled when it comes to a lightsaber. Eagle Owl one day when he is very good with a lightsaber will kill Growvole.Eagle Owl knows his weakness.It is to slice him in the heart with a lightsaber.A lightsber and an energy sword are capable of doing the same things but are slightly different.Eagle Owl once had a match with Terarr and was beaten in less then twenty seconds.Terarr is worst enemies with Growvole.

B3D00 Lightsaber Top blade


Eagle Owls lightsaber

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