EF-48 Anti-Air Missiles
Vital statistics
Type Aircraft-mounted Anit-Air Missile
Effects Tracks enemy aircraft/space-craft
Clip Capacity Depends on Aircraft
Ammo Capacity Depends on Aircraft
Users Hellcat Squadran

The EF-48 is an experimental AA Missile utilized and produced by Hellcat Squadran.


There are several Variants of the EF-48.


Standard EF-48 Missile. Used on:


Advanced version of EF-48. Locks on to Multiple Aircraft. Used on:

EF-48B Stealth MissileEdit

Standard EF-48 designed to be invisible on Radar. Used on:

EF-48N Tactical NukeEdit

Small-sized nuclear missile used by Hellcat Squadran as an Anti-Air weapon. Made with Basic EF-48 Design. Used on:

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