Discord-class Battleship
Discord Battleship
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Battleship
Length 1500 meters
Width 500 meters
Height 500 meters
Crew Capacity 2500
Power Systems Plasma Reactor
Engines Particle Drive
Weapons Various
  • Polaron Beams (4)
  • Plasma Burst Cannons (8)
  • Laser Pulse Cannons (20)
  • Planet Bombing Kinetic Bolt Cannon (1)
Class Status Operational

The Discord battleship is the newest Advent weapon to enter the war and features a number of deadly psionic abilities that aid in its destruction of enemy ships. Featuring an impressive array of armaments, the Discord follows up its punch by weakening opponents' armor with a powerful area-of-effect attack.

The Vilysian, Coalescance Ganila's flagship, was a Discord-class Battleship.

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