Dharc Shadas
Dharc The Dark Charmer full 1350478
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age 22
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Task Force Sigma
Tools Dark Mage's Staff
Abilities Dark Magic, Telepathy
Vehicles GJS Dark Saber
Status Alive

Dharc was the first of the future Task Force Sigma members to have been kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Nod, and was initially the most commanding and confident of the members, until Wynn toughened up.

As a Dark Magic user, Dharc's in the most danger of his powers corrupting him, therefore he requires intense concentration to prevent himself being corrupted by his powers. Sometimes, Lyna, who is a Light Magic user, could easily help him with that. However, for some reason, Wynn's presence also seems to be enough to keep him from losing himself to his powers.

Like each primary member of Task Force Sigma, Dharc has an extra power, caused by Nod's experimentation on him. Dharc's powers involve telepathy and mind-control, allowing him to manipulate others to serve his own purposes...should he choose to.


Dharc is a serious, but somewhat sentimental, individual. He cares about the others in Task Force Sigma, and even cared about them when they were imprisoned by Nod. However, he does what he can to keep that care from effecting his judgment, like when one of the Nod members that were tormenting the group during their imprisonment threatened to torture Lyna if Dharc didn't surrender himself to his powers, and Dharc refused to do so anyways.


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