Devimon (Re-Digitize) b
Species statistics
Homeworld Unknown
Species Status Alive
Height 7.4 MEters
Weight 720 Kg
Skin Color Black
Distinctions Torn Wings, Horns, Claws
Equipment Claws
Types None
Affiliation Dark Masters
Notable Individuals None
Other Names None

Devi has the Mark of Evil surfaced dramatically on its chest. It has a fiendish personality, but due to its cunning it is also an extraordinarily creative thinker. It is said that those who have stared into its two eyes, which shine a deep crimson, are mind-controlled and completely dominated by Devi. Later it is revealed, that the Devi,are behind the creation of the black gears, and that it was on Pied's orders, that Alcatraz recieved the ability to create them.

Special Abilities:Edit

  • Death Claw: Stabs his claws into his targets and infuses them with dark energy to put them under his thrall.
  • Black Gear: Is a dark gear of varying size. The Devi may not have invented the Black Gears, but can summon them and transform other defeated opponents into them. They can be used to cause those that are infected with them to go berserk, or further empower mirrior-beings. The gear infection happens,when one of the gears enters the body of the new host.

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