The 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing, or 'Delta Wing,' was Hellcat Squadran's Primary Advanced Fighter Wing, until Beta Wing Phased into the ADF-01H. The Wing is made up of these pilots:

Wing MembersEdit

  • IceBite (Delta Leader) 'Anduril' - Darkened Shadow (ADFX-02H)
  • Derek 'Tomcat' Sanders (Delta 2) 'Tomcat' - Blue Demon (ADF-01H) (IceBite's Wingmate)
  • May (Delta 3) 'Shadow' - Cloaked Bird (Stealthed ADF-01H)
  • Tory (Delta 4) 'CodeBreaker' - Dagger's Edge (Modified X-02H)(May's Wingmate)
  • Jooranok (Delta 5) 'Tiberius' - Stormrider (Scrin Stormrider)


  • Jooranok is a Scrin Assimilator.