Darth Nuada
Sith Hot Coloured by dashinvaine
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Neutral Evil
Tools Lightsaber
Abilities the Force
Status Alive


Darth Nuada was taken by Konstantin Valerius at the age of five into his Sith Empire. She proved to be a very deadly combatant and showed extreme prowess in the force. Konstantin eventually took her as his own apprentice when she was ten. Through his training, her skills in lightsaber combat grew to very high levels, as did her knowledge of the force. She eventually became Konstantin's blade in the dark, his assassin for things he did not wish to trouble himself with. She never failed a mission until she attacked her target Nes Ceru on Coruscant. Nes defeated her easily through use of the force channeled through his sabers. After this, her relationship with her master became strained, and Konstantin knew that by measure of the force, he was likely the only one who could defeat Ceru.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nuada feels a desire for power by any means, but her wishes differ when it comes to how it is used. Nuada wants what is best for the Sith, and wants to raise their status in the galaxy to be a greater threat. She is cold to a high extent. Nuada fights with a lone lightsaber, using forms Soresu, Shii-Cho, Makashi, Djem-So, and Vaapad lightsaber techniques in a blend. She also uses the force in sequence with her saber strikes, making her very difficult to attack alone.

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