This article is about the slaver ship Darkmetal Scimitar. You may be looking for the starship belonging to Serafim Ivanov called the Scimitar; the Saber, a look-alike of the Star Wars starship called the "Scimitar" or "Sith Infiltrator"; the Son'a Battlecruiser of the Black Knights also called the "Scimitar"; or the Romulan/Reman Scimitar class Dreadnought Warbird.
Darkmetal Scimitar
Kar'Fi Battle Carrier
Vehicle statistics
Owner Unknown
Starship Class (if Applicable) Unknown
Starship Type Slaver Ship
Faction N/A
Power/Weapon Systems Advanced Holo-Projector System
Special modifications
Status Destroyed

The Darkmetal Scimitar was a slaver ship, trafficking various kinds of slaves, from Orions, to Twi'Leks, to Elves, to other races.

The Darkmetal Scimitar was eventually intercepted and destroyed over Rhen Var by Captain Kr'akkus of the IKS Valfarre, who liberated most of the slaves, while one, an Orion called Nuzema D'Moj, joined his crew, and soon become his First Officer.

Another ex-slave from this ship was Niserie, a member of an unknown, elf-like race, who was taken in by Anastasia's group of friends, as well as the mercenary Serafim Ivanov.

List of SlavesEdit

  • Nuzema D'Moj (Orion - Female)
  • 14 other Orion Females
  • 5 Orion Males
  • 10 Trill Females
  • 10 Trill Males
  • 5 Bajoran Females
  • 7 Bajoran Males
  • 15 Elf Females
  • 10 Elf Males
  • 40 Twi'Lek Females
  • 10 Twi'Lek Males
  • 15 Wookies
  • 50 Human Females
  • 40 Human Males
  • 14 Half-Elf Females
  • 10 Half-Elf Males
  • Niserie (Unknown - Female)
  • 125 Unknown Race Slaves (of both genders)


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