Darkened Shadow
Morgan Fighter
The Darkened Shadow, Hellcat Squadran's most Advanced Fighter, undergoing Final Flight-Checks.
Vehicle statistics
Owner IceBite
Vehicle Classification ADFX-02H Morgan II
Vehicle Type Air Superiority Fighter
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Special Modifications Focuser, Chain Lightning, and Seeker Lenses in TLS, Ion Engines, Oxygen Tanks
Status Active

Darkened Shadow is one of Hellcat Squadran's Most Advanced Atmo/Steller Interceptors. Armed with a Plasma-Lance Based TLS System with a variety of lenses, its laser attacks could vary from a tight, focused beam to a large bolt of chain lightning. The fighter is consistantly being upgraded with the most recent technologies, making it the most advanced Hellcat Squadran Starfighter to date.