Dark Talon
Dark Talon
The Dark Talon, Hellcat Squadran's most well-known Fighter.
Vehicle statistics
Owner IceBite
Vehicle Classification Extensively-modified F-22A Raptor
Vehicle Type Supreme Superiority Tactical Strikefighter
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Special Modifications Oxygen Tanks, Multi-Vectoral Quantum Pulse Drives, RLD-401 Drone Weapon
Status Active

Dark Talon is IceBite's most famous and well-used fighter. It has been used in every war the Coalition was involved in, and, in all of them, was NEVER shot down. Constantly being refitted, upgraded, and modified, the Dark Talon has the most hidden gadgets, the most advanced technology, and the most powerful fighter-mounted weapons of any Coalition Fighter.

In 2295, the Dark Talon was modified with reverse-engineered tech from the Lemuria. This included reverse-engineered Drone Weapons, which practically increased the threat rating of the fighter by a factor of 10, despite them not being of the same caliber as those on the Gateship/Puddle Jumpers.