Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Guardians of Justice
Abilities Torillian Magic, Fire Elemental
Status Alive

Dante is a Behemoth made of Lava and Brimstone. Despite this, however, he for some reason chose the side of good and joined the Guardians of Justice. A fierce and powerful warrior, Dante can be considered one of the Guardians' best warriors, behind Gault Berkut and Draconus Rex himself.


Early LifeEdit

Guardians of JusticeEdit

Cybertron ConflictEdit

Dante was grouped up with the former assassin 'Strider', Elven Cleric Arielle, and former-mind control-slave Aria and sent to the Guardians of Justice's Earth Base. During his time there, the base was attacked by Megatron-2. Despite Dante's skill and power, he was the first of the 4 survivors to be defeated; blasted apart by a Cyber-Key-Empowered Thundercracker.

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