Daniel Sanders is a former operative as of 2023 due to his deep hatred and destructive battle with Lienad as he veiwed him as a boy playing god. He was a critic and a very vocal critic of Icebite ideas. He rarely cares for anyone after his sisters passing. Other then Adriana a known mentor there is no one important in his life he truely cares for.


He is very head strong and bitter about the way things went after a failed mission as well as the fact Icepite failed to save over half of the people that returned. He admires his father and is proud he sacrificed time with his family to serve and save the world. He however views Icebite as a kid whom ordered his father on away missions beliving that he was attempting to steal his father, and he makes note of that constantly and places blaim for his sisters suicide on icebite among other things. He was forcible removed from Kaven after a battle between the two leveled half of the administration building and destroyed half of the aircraft on the base which he threw at icebite.


Psychic powers- he is only topped by adriana whom blocked most of his abilities out of the fear it could kill him.

Elemental- He is a master of Gravity to the point he can force nature to hinder other elementals like air and water as well as weakening anyone using electricity.

Personal transport- Isdera commendatore in all the vehicle's rareity matches with his lone wolf personality.

Personal Vehicle of Daniel Sanders

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