Danica Lynn
Vital statistics
Title Lead Scientist of the Elachi Technology Research Facility (Formerly)
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Omega Squad (formerly, now unofficial)
Tools Modified MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V[B] armor
Abilities Immunity to temporal affects
Vehicles OHS Phantom
Status Alive

Danica Lynn was an undeniably brilliant scientist working for Omega Squad, as one of their top researchers researching the technology used by the Elachi. During the incident involving Skulblaka, she and a team of scientists were trapped on Omega Squad's primary Elachi tech research facility.

They were trapped on the station by Skulblakan forces and allies, but soon rescued by Celeste Petri, when her team was sent to destroy the station. Soon afterwards, Danica joined up with Celeste, when she discovered that the Elachi Technology Research Program was put on hiatus for the remainder of the conflict.

When the conflict ended, and Allos, who took over for IceBite, who went into a self-imposed exile, restarted the program, Danica declined offers to return to continue the project, instead serving as someone the research team could call when complications arose.


Danica is an intelligent individual, and normally patient, depending on what's going on. If faced with a stressful or urgent situation, Danica's patience drastically decreases. Danica loves science, and feels right at home in the lab. However, the urgency of her needing to help in field situations has resulted in her creating her armor.


While she herself doesn't have any actual powers, she was exposed to Chroniton radiation nearly 50 years before Skulblaka's invasion, when she was 23. Due to this, she was rendered ageless and immune to the effects of temporal weapons and powers. This includes temporal stasis devices and the powers of Temporal Elemental Power users.


Danica's armor is a modified set of MJOLNIR Mark V[B] armor, designed out of lighter-weight materials and less powerful force-multiplying circuits, making it suitable for a normal person to use.


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